Credentials are earned through a challenging program of examinations, education, and experience, provided by Authorized Adsystech Representatives.

User Certification

Certification is available for Users of ECM to confirm that they have completed the training to understand the processes necessary for the requirements of their programs. These processes may include creating new client records, program enrollment, and delivery of services.

Agency Administrator Certification

Administrators create the environment for their Organizations and the Funding and Programs within that Organization. This Certification indicates that the Administrator has learned the fundamentals of the required setup to provide accurate reporting and establish proper procedures in the system. That setup may include Funder Contracts and Performance Indicators, Locations, Programs and their requirements, and Services. It will also include the use of security to establish permissions between Users, User Groups, and the data and Programs that they will access.

System Administrator Certification

System Administrators are responsible for the overall requirements and setup of their site, including dropdown values, role configurations, rules, and the ticketing system, eFactory. This Certification specifies that the Administrator has learned the rudiments of the database structure and creating and managing that structure.

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