Adsystech Deploys New Major Patch Release Process

Adsystech endeavors to provide a superior customer service experience. As such, Adsystech frequently reviews customer feedback and implements updates and changes to our software and policies that improve the experience of using our software.

Adsystech will release major patches in accordance with the following schedule:

  1. Major patches will be available on or before the last day of each month. As such, the cutoff date for tickets to be included in this patch is during the first week of each month. Severity 3 and 4 tickets are included in this process, and tickets that are higher severity will be processed in accordance with Adsystech’s published service objectives.
  2. The Adsystech representative tasked with maintaining your site will contact you to arrange the best time for the patch to be applied. This representative will be available to you directly during the window that is established and will inform you when the patch is completed.
  3. To equip you to make this decision, patch release notes will be sent via email approximately two weeks in advance of the patch being made available to customers. When this document is released, please feel free to contact Adsystech Knowledge Center Staff or an Adsystech Technical Services Representative with any questions or to learn more about enhancements that are being released. Notable enhancements will be highlighted in the ‘What’s New’ section of the Knowledge Center and patch notes are available in the ‘Knowledge Base’ section of the Knowledge Center.

Major patches are released once monthly and contain Severity 3 and 4 fixes as well as TSP enhancements. Major patches are sometimes referred to as monthly patches. They do not contain Severity 1 and 2 fixes, which are released via weekly patches. Weekly patches are sometimes referred to as emergency patches.

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