How Else Can I Get Access to Help?

  • A key feature of Version 6 is the presence of fully integrated help on each tab of each page. If help is needed, you have the option to review step by step directions by clicking the question mark icon
  • In addition to these questions, you’ll be able to watch a video on each tab that walks you through its essential features and functions. This video can be accessed by clicking the video icon.
  • In addition to this help, ECM links directly to the Knowledge Center via the start page. The Knowledge Center is an integrated repository of documentation, videos, links to upcoming webinars, answers to frequently asked questions and information on ECM’s new features.
  • To submit help desk tickets in ECM, simply click the ticket icon. This icon is located at the top of each page.
  • Lastly, City of Chicago users have the option to call a dedicated support line during the initial Go-Live Period: 877-881-9829. This will direct you to a support representative uniquely trained to provide assistance.

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